VM & Pager Groups

The VM & PAGER GROUPS page enables users to create a distribution list that can be used for sending voicemails or pages to multiple recipients.

Distribution Group Details

Options under the Distribution Group Details tab provide options for setting up distribution lists for Pager or Voice Mail messages.

  • Extension – Enter an extension number used to access the feature. The extension number must be 2-4 digits long and must be unique.
  • Group Name – Enter a descriptive name for the distribution list group you want to create.
  • Type – Select the Paging or Voicemail option from the dropdown menu. Select Manage Group and use the Remove (-) and Add (+) functions to add or remove users from the Paging or Voicemail distribution list you are creating. Press Done when finished.

Press Save under the Distribution Group Details tab to save the distribution group.

(Note that the webFones PBX system paging system can accommodate the paging of up to 15 phones. For larger installations, we recommend purchasing a Snom PA1 paging system that will connect your phone system to overhead speakers.)