User Groups

The User Groups page provides a way for administrators to give extension users restricted access to login and modify their own settings. Grouping extensions also provides a way for workgroups to share contacts among group members.

You can control which User Group each User Extension belong to on the USER EXTENSIONS page.

To create a new User Group, press the New User Group button at the top of the center column. Enter a Name for the User Group you want to create and then press Create New Group to create the group.

The Group will appear in the listing.

User Group Details

Once a group is created and selected in the center column, you can use the options under the User Group Details tab to define the characteristics of that group.

Each User Extension has its own Contact Management system allowing contacts to be created and shared with others in your company.

This option sets up the default user access settings for people in the selected User Group to create new contacts. One setting is for viewing or read-only access and the other is for modifying or write access.

Choose the appropriate default in the pop-ups and press Save.


The Features option provides a way to control what users see when they log in.

Uncheck the features that you do not want members of the selected User Group to see. If you have mixed types of users, create new User Groups, change the settings and then assign the appropriate User Extensions to the appropriate User Groups.

We recommend that you restrict users from being able to change their User Group.