User Extensions 'Voicemail' Tab

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For instructions on how to setup your voicemail greeting, please refer to the Using Voicemail page.

Voicemail Tab

The Voicemail tab allows you to set all preferences related to Voicemail. With these settings you can turn voicemail on and off, enable voicemail storage and turn on voicemail forwarding to your email address.

  • Activate Voicemail – When this feature is turned ON, the extension will go to voicemail after the specified number of rings. If VOICEMAIL is turned OFF, calls will hang-up if the user does not answer after the specified number of rings.
  • Voicemail Extension – In most cases, the voicemail mailbox extension should align with the selected extension. However, it is possible to route calls for the selected extension to another voicemail mailbox. You can change that here.
  • Voicemail PIN - The Voicemail PIN is a 4-digit number, required for logging into and accessing messages in your voicemail box. Changing your PIN here also changes it in the voicemail system.
  • Send voicemail via Email – Turning this option ON automatically sends voicemail message as a WAV file attachment, in addition to delivering the voicemail to the webFones PBX web interface and inbox on the phone system.
  • Send voicemail SMS notifications – Turning this option ON automatically sends your cell phone or pager an SMS (text) message telling you that you have a new voicemail message.
  • Voicemail Storage – Turning this option ON to have voicemail stored on the IMAP server and to have the red light on your phone indicate that you have a voicemail waiting.
  • Play Caller Options – Turn this option OFF when you want your callers to hear a simple Beep at the end of your voicemail unavailable message. Turning it ON will give them options to review their message.

Save options by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the column.

Immediate Assistance

Use this option to enable callers to bypass voicemail by pressing * or 0 and reach a receptionist or other staff for immediate assistance. Select where you want the call to go by using the drop-down menu.

Note: You will need to record your unavailable message with the instructions that the user may press * or 0 for immediate assistance. This setting turns it on but does not provide the instructions to the caller.