User Extensions 'Phone' Tab

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The Phone tab is used to add multiple phones to an extension, configure mobile phones and setup soft-phones. WebFones is User-Centric allowing many phone devices to be connected to a user extension. There are also phone ring options which can be configured.

Soft Phones

Turn on the softphone if you plan to use a software-based VoIP phone, such as Bria 3 (which we highly recommend). However, most softphones will work. When the softphone option is turned on, calls will ring your active softphone devices in addition to desk and mobile phone devices.

Note: SIP phones must support the g729 codec to work well.

Desk Phones

Desk phones can be added to a user extension. If you have purchased your phones through WebFones then your phone device should be in your account and selectable by mac address.

Press the Add Phone button and type in a few letters of the Mac Address, which is found on the back of the phone and usually begins with 00). A pop-up pick list of phone devices in our system appears. Select one and press the Save button.

Once you add a phone and press the save button, wait 2 minutes and them restart the phone to have it pick up a new configuration.

All phones added will ring at the same time when the extension is dialed. All calls made from any of the phones in your list will appear as the same user and adopt all of their extension settings.

Mobile Phone

Adding a mobile phone number allows you to use your mobile phone as a remote extension even when you are on the cellular network.

To configure a mobile phone, enter the number in the field provided and turn it ON to the right of the field. Then select the appropriate options below. Choose your carrier so the phone system will know how to send you text message notifications.

Ring Settings for Mobile Phones

The interface also presents several options which help to restrict when calls are sent to your mobile phones.

  • Ring with extension – Enable this option to have your mobile phone ring simultaneously whenever the extension is dialed directly or when a caller is transferred to your extension.
  • Ring with simultaneous ring – Enable this option when you want your phone to ring when someone else has included your extension in a simultaneous ring. This means that when their extension rings, your extension and mobile phone will ring. When disabled, your extension will ring but your mobile phone will not ring.
  • Ring with call groups – Enable this option to ring your mobile device when the user extension is part of a ring group or call queue. However, in order for your mobile phone to ring as part of a group, it also needs to be turned on in the menu option (see "Allow Mobile Extensions").
  • Mobile call confirm – Enable this option to receive the "press 1 to confirm" prompt when receiving calls. We recommend keeping this enabled because otherwise your mobile phone voicemail will answer the call if you do not answer your mobile phone.
  • Mobile dialer – This option allows the cell phone to be used for outbound dialing without configuring it to ring for inbound calls. This means that when you dial through your software applications, your cell phone will ring in addition to your desk phone. Answering and confirming the dial by pressing 1 will tell the phone system you are ready to be connected with the person you are trying to dial. The advantage to this feature is that you can call someone on your cell phone while appearing to be calling from your office. This is particularly important in situations where you want people to call you back in the office and not on a cell device.

Save options by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the column.