User Extensions 'Options' Tab

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Use the Options tab to set the following options:

Simultaneous Ring

Extensions can be set up to ring simultaneous phone devices so that a colleague or assistant can answer a phone when the user is unavailable. Activating this feature does not impact existing Call Queues and Ring Groups set up in Call Menus. (See Menus).

Press one of the Ring Extension buttons and enter either the extension number or the first few letters of the user extension name. A pop-up pick list will appear. Make a selection and press the Save button.

Call Routing

Select an option to determine how calls to the extension are handled, whether the extension is direct-dialed or the call is transferred to the extension. (Note that these settings do not impact how an extension rings as part of a Ring Extension Group or Call Queue.)

  • None – Rings the user extension for the specified number of rings and then is sent to voicemail, if voicemail is enabled.
  • Find-Me – Rings the user extension for the specified number of rings and then plays on-hold music, while dialing up to six other phone numbers to find you. If you don’t answer and accept the call, the caller is sent to voicemail.
  • Forward – Bypasses the user extension and forwards all calls directly to a specified destination number. The call leaves the webFones PBX system and subsequent services, such as voicemail must be handled by the destination device.
  • Expert – Determines how you want calls to be directed when you are on the phone or when you don’t answer.

Speed Dial

This option provides a way for extension users to set up their own speed-dial list—with up to a 100 speed dial numbers. Speed-dial numbers are activated by pressing *, plus a two digit number (*00 - *99).

Press Edit to open a pop-up where you can enter the Title and Number of the Speed Dial number you want to assign. Use the Export button to export settings to a file, which can then be easily replicated and used on other extensions by using the Import button to import the file. To modify the import file, make any necessary changes. When done, press Done to close the window. When you are done editing, press Save in the lower right.

Immediate Assistance

Use this option to enable callers to bypass voicemail by pressing * and reach a receptionist or other staff for immediate assistance. Select where you want the call to go when the user presses * by using the drop-down menu.

Call Group Membership

Call Groups are used by phone menus to route incoming calls to specific groups of users. While groups are often created and maintained by the menu, they can also be maintained under the options tab for each user.

Call Groups are created under Menus by configuring Ring Extensions or Call Queue options. All extensions in a Call Group ring when a caller selects the Menu option. While Call Group membership is controlled under Menus, it is also listed on a per-extension basis for your convenience.

The checkboxes indicate which Call Groups currently have the selected extension as a member. Checking a box adds the selected extension to that Call Group. Unchecking a box removes the extension from that Call Group.

Save the options you want by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the column.