User Extensions 'General' Tab

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The General tab enables the user to enter information on for extension identity and inbound and outbound call preferences. Once settings have been selected, press the Save button at the bottom of the right column to save them.

User Extensions Passcode

The passcode is displayed at the top of the General tab. It is a password key that can be used for dialing and accessing voicemail using an IMAP client directly from our IMAP server.

User Extensions Identity

The User Extensions Identity fields allow you to enter general information about each user. The information entered here will be used by the Directory and Voicemail systems.

  • Name is the name of the extension user.
  • Title is used for the Company Directory.
  • Email is used to send system notifications and voicemail when activated.
  • Member of Group is used to control what settings users are allowed to change. Assigning a user to a group allows the options to be controlled for the whole group.
  • Time Zone - While each phone system operates on the default time zone set for the company under the General Settings, users can adjust the time zone setting for their extension so that the voicemail date/time and the time displayed on their phone correspond to the time zone they are in.

Other Settings

  • Ring Tone - Users can change the ring tone on their phone, if their phone handset equipment supports it. Changing this setting only affects the ring for calls made directly to the user’s extension. Calls coming through a CALL GROUP or MENU use the default ring specified for the webFones PBX system.
  • Inbound Caller ID Tag – Inbound Call Tags allow the user to modify the Caller ID of direct calls to an extension, as opposed to calls that are routed from Menu or Call Group. This tag can be used to identify callers that dial the phone extension directly.
  • Call Pickup Group - Call Pickup allows any user to pick up ringing phones. While the ** extension command will pick up an individual extension, the Call Pickup Group setting allows users to pick up any extension ringing in a group by dialing *, plus a single digit. The Call Pickup Group in User Extensions applies only to calls that are forwarded to an extension directly.
  • Directory – If this setting is turned ON, information about the user of this extension will be included in the Company Directory—and callers will be able to connect with this extension by entering the letters of the user’s last name. Turning the setting OFF makes the extension invisible to the Company Directory. (See MENU for more information on configuring the Company Directory).
  • Intercom - If this setting is turned ON, the extension can be used as an intercom device to participate in sessions with other internal company extensions. (Note that the feature works only on phone devices that support intercom functionality).
  • Whisper Mode - Whisper Mode allows a more experienced employee to listen in on a conversation and privately offer pointers to a new employee that the customer cannot hear. Turning this feature on allows other extensions to listen in on the currently selected extension by dialing *** followed by the extension.