User Extensions 'Dial' Tab

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Dial Tab

The Dial tab is where you enter information related to dialing your phone, caller ID, speed dial, 911 Emergency location and whether you want this extension to be able to place international calls.

Here are the specific settings available on this panel:

Overide Caller ID - When this setting is off, it uses the default company caller ID for the user when they place phone calls. However, you can set the outbound caller ID for this user to a different caller ID by turning it on and specifying it here.

911 Emergency Location - This allows you to select an emergency location for this user. Emergency locations must first be defined in the phone number list (each number can only have one emergency address). When placing a 911 call, the caller ID of the call is set to the 911 caller ID so the emergency center is able to match it with the user's local address.

International Dialing - This option allows you to restrict specific users from placing international calls (calls outside of the USA or Canada). You can also turn this off globally in the general tab.

Speed Dial - This is where you can add all of your speed dial numbers. We have included some more details on this feature below.

Once settings have been selected, press the Save button at the bottom of the right column to save them.

Speed Dial

This option provides a way for extension users to set up their own speed-dial list—with up to a 100 speed dial numbers. Speed-dial numbers are activated by pressing *, plus a two digit number (*00 - *99).

Press Edit to open a pop-up where you can enter the Title and Number of the Speed Dial number you want to assign. Use the Export button to export settings to a file, which can then be easily replicated and used on other extensions by using the Import button to import the file. To modify the import file, make any necessary changes. When done, press Done to close the window. When you are done editing, press Save in the lower right.