User Extensions

User Extensions

The User Extensions page is used to change all settings related to individual end users. With the User Extensions page, you can forward calls, add phones, configure mobile extensions and setup simultaneous ring settings.

Here is a summary of the tabs with links to detail pages:

General Tab

The General tab enables the user to enter information on for extension identity and inbound and outbound call preferences. This is also where you edit the contact email and SMS email used when forwarding voicemail via email.

Documentation for General Tab >>

Ring Tab

The Ring Tab is used to specify what happens when someone dials this user's extension.

Documentation for Ring Tab >>

Dial Tab

The Dial tab is used for setting the Outgoing Caller ID, 911 Emergency Location, enabling International Dialing and specifying speed dial numbers for the user.

Documentation for Dial Tab >>

Groups Tab

The Groups tab is used for specifying which call queue and ring extension groups this user belongs to.

Documentation for Groups Tab >>

Voicemail Tab

The Voicemail tab allows you to set all preferences related to Voicemail. With these settings you can turn voicemail on and off, enable voicemail storage and turn on voicemail forwarding to your email address.

Documentation for Voicemail Tab >>

Phone Tab

The Phone tab is used to add multiple phones to an extension, configure mobile phones and setup soft-phones. WebFones is User-Centric allowing many phone devices to be connected to a user extension. There are also phone ring options which can be configured.

Documentation for Phone Tab >>