Configuring Soft-Phones

The WebFones PBX offers a flexible and easy-to-use soft-phone interface that allows you to use a soft-phone or desk phone interchangeably. In other words, an incoming call to your extension will ring both your desk phone and your soft-phone, if it is running on your computer.

Before releasing this feature we did extensive testing on soft-phones and found that performance is highly dependent on the network environment and phone software. This document provides guidance in setting up a soft-phone to work reliably, with acceptable sound quality.

WebFones uses hardware-based g729 compression to provide much better clarity than the free codecs (such as gsm) used by some other services. While WebFones will work with gsm devices, we recommend only those soft-phones that use the standard g729 codec provided by WebFones.

Network Environment

The quality of your network environment will determine the quality of your phone conversations. We have had very good results using a soft-phone over Verizon LTE networks, 4G and Wifi. It does not work on 3G networks. The Bria 4 soft phone will let you know when there is network congestion which would effect call quality.

Soft-Phone Download

While WebFones will work with other soft-phones, we recommend Bria 4.0. (or Bria 3.0 on a mobile device if 4 is not available). This soft-phone supports the g729 codecs used by WebFones and works on many devices (including the iPhone). The following directions are specifically for Bria 4.0.

Here is where you can purchase Bria 4:
Bria 4 Download

There are versions for Windows, Mac, iPhone, other, etc. Buy the commercial version and especially buy the g729 codec. You will have call quality problems otherwise.

Adding the Soft-Phone in the WebFones Interface

To configure the soft-phone in the WebFones interface, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Select an extension under the User Extensions in the WebFones interface.
  2. 2. Under the Phone tab, turn on the “Soft Phone”.
  3. 3. Press the “Show Soft-Phone Details” button. This will bring up the login details.

For example, to configure extension “303”:

The “Show Soft-Phone Details” interface will display something like this for the soft-phone

Username: 999303
Caller ID Name: 999303

Configuring Bria

The Bria soft-phone can be configured by entering your SIP login information and setting up the list of codecs. Both can be done from the Bria preferences panel.

When you first launch Bria, it will ask you if you want to manually configure your login server. Change the popup so it says “No login required”.


When you press the “Continue” button, it will ask for your license key.

Here are the steps for adding your WebFones extension to Bria:

STEP #1 – Create a new SIP account by pressing the “+” option in the preferences panel under the Accounts tab. This will bring up the following panel:


STEP #2 – Enter your account details from the WebFones soft-phone details panel. All soft-phone extensions begin with a 999. It is recommended that you use the base user extension for the display name. See example above.

STEP #3 – Select “Audio Codecs” in the Bria Preferences.


Make sure that g729 is listed. Also check the checkbox below which defaults the soft-phone to the first codec offered. This will ensure that it always uses g729 when possible.