Text Messaging API

In addition to allowing users to send and receive SMS Text Messages through the end user interface, WebFones also provides a simple URL API that allows business applications to send notifications to customers using an extension passcode, destination number and a message. This feature is intended to be used to improve communication by allowing companies to send text messages customers with appointment reminders or order status.

Here is the format of the web URL to send a text message from a phone extension:

Please substitute the following variables with the actual values to get this URL to work:

extension_passcode is the phone extension passcode used for dialing and other purposes. You can get this from the extension settings interface.

phone_number is a 10 digit phone number with no punctuation or spaces. It represents the destination target number you wish to send a text message to.

url_encoded_message is the message text. It must be URL encoded so that it can be sent correctly as part of a URL (converting spaces and punctuation to URL safe codes).