Admin Settings Overview

Once you have selected the SETTINGS section on the webFones PBX main menu, you are presented with a page of options for setting up your phone system in the left column. (Note that you can minimize this left-column menu when not in use.)

  • GENERAL– Set the general main office defaults settings for your phone system
  • PRESETS & AUTOMATIC PRESETS – Create and save settings under a Preset, so they can be re-used. Automatically schedule Presets to turn on and off at various times
  • USER EXTENSIONS – Allow users to customize their individual phone extension settings
  • PHONE NUMBERS – Allow users to configure which actions take to when a caller calls in on their extension and to configure emergency addresses
  • MENUS – Create menus of options that make it easier for callers to reach the people they want to speak to
  • VM & PAGER GROUP LISTS –Create distribution lists for sending mass voice mail and pager messages
  • CONFERENCE BRIDGE – Set up conference calls
  • GREETINGS & MUSIC – Set up welcome greetings and on-hold music
  • USER GROUPS – Define call routing for groups of user extensions