Schedules are used by the Phone Number configuration to tell when calls should be routed based on daytime hours or after hours rules. Each Phone Number can be configured with a different schedule giving administrators flexibility in defining different office hours for different departments or company brands.

Schedules are also sometimes utilized by Preset Triggers to turn settings on and off at specific times throughout the day.

Schedule Layout

The left side of the schedule allows you to specify the active daytime hours for each day during the week. There are three categories:

Active - which means that your office is open all day or there is no afterhours setting.

Inactive - which means that your office is closed all day.

Schedule - which means that you want to specify the open hours for that day.

The right side allows you to specify exceptions to the schedule on the left. This is where you would specify special instructions for holidays. If you decide to close the office early one day, you can add an exception and change the closing time.

Defining Multiple Schedules

Each phone system comes with a default schedule. To add a new schedule, press the New Schedule button and fill in a unique name for the schedule.