Presets & Preset Triggers

Presets & Preset Triggers

A Preset is a configuration of pre-defined settings that have been saved under a descriptive name so they can be activated at any time.

For instance, you might want to handle calls differently on holidays, in the evening or during lunch hour. Presets allow you to store settings to address these different needs—and Preset Triggers allow you to specify when you want a particular Preset to become active.

Presets can be created, named and saved using he Preset Menu which appears above the TABS in the right column options under: USER EXTENSIONS and PHONE NUMBERS. Once created and saved, named Presets presented as options under Activate Preset in the Preset Trigger area. They can also be turned on manually by selecting the preset from the preset popup on each of the pages that support presets.

All extensions and phone numbers have a default preset called "Normal". When no other preset is selected, the phone system uses the "Normal" settings that you configure when no presets are active.

To create a User Extension preset, for example, select the USER EXTENSION page from the main SETTINGS menu and then select a specific User Extension in the center list. Press the User Presets button in the upper right. This brings up a menu with the options: New User Preset, Add Group Preset, New Preset Trigger and Delete Presets.

Selecting the New User Preset option asks for a new Preset Name, copies the current settings under the new name and makes them active. The next step is to customize the settings you want to be activated under the new name and save them by pressing Save.

Once a Preset is created for an extension, it can be used by changing the active preset pop-up. However, there are times when you may want multiple settings in different areas to take effect all at the same time. For this you can use a Preset Group.

Selecting the New Group Preset option allows you to attach another group of settings to the same Preset in the system. For instance, this allows you to create a "Holiday" Preset for both some extensions and a phone number that would all be activated at once.

Preset Triggers

The Preset Triggers section presents you with options to create rules for triggering presets. Preset Triggers are used to specify reoccurring or prescheduled exceptions to normal call flow (e.g., a lunch break, closing early, or holiday). For presets that need to follow a complex pattern of time ranges, we recommend creating a new new schedule and then using the schedule to define the Preset Trigger.

Preset Triggers requires that Presets have previously been defined in the USER EXTENSIONS or PHONE NUMBERS. These are the Preset settings will be turned on and off depending on the rules you define in this panel.

To create an Preset Trigger, first press the New Trigger button and enter a descriptive Name that will help you remember what the trigger is for.

Next, select the Active Period for this preset, using the drop-down menu:

  • All Day – Turns on the preset for the entire day
  • Schedule Active – Turns on the preset for just the active hours of the schedule specified. Active hours can also be the same as the office hours.
  • Schedule Inactive – Turns on the preset when the specified schedule is not active. Inactive hours can also be the same as after hours on the schedule.
  • Time Range – Turns on the preset at Start Time specified and then turns it off at the End Time specified. The time range must be during the same day.
  • Set Preset at Time – Turns on the preset at the specific time specified and does not turn it off. A second ‘Set Preset at Time’ would be needed in the future to restore the settings back to their original.

The Create New with Selected Settings button does the same thing as New Trigger, except that it copies currently selected settings into a new record so that you don’t have to configure similar trigger each time from scratch.