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The After Hours Tab allows you to configure what happens when people call the selected number during office hours. If after-hours is turned off, then office-hours settings will remain active 24 hours a day.

After Hours includes the following options:

  • Turn After Hours ON and OFF. When it is off, the office-hours settings will remain active 24 hours a day.
  • Choose an After Hours Schedule. Whenever the schedule is inactive is when After Hours will be active.
  • Ring a set of phones before anything answers
  • Play a greeting like "Thanks you for calling ABC Company". The company greeting should not be a menu.
  • Send the call to either menu, menu option or phone extension. We recommend creating a special after hours menu that says something like "Our office is now closed" and specifying that menu as the next action.

Here are some specific instructions for each of the settings:

After Hours Call Routing

After Hours call routing can be turned off so that daytime call routing stays in effect during afterhours. However, if you want to have the callers hear something different when they call in after hours, then this option needs to be turned ON and the options below should be configured.

First Ring

This option rings an extension, or group of extensions, in order to give you an opportunity to pick up the phone before it goes to an auto attendant menu. Play Greeting Before First Ring option gives you the option to play the company greeting before the first ring. Otherwise it will be played after.

Welcome Greeting

While it’s not necessary to set a Welcome Greeting, a short greeting can polish your image and improve the caller’s experience. For example, you can greet the caller with a short "Thank you for calling ABC company" message before routing the call. If the caller is going to be routed to an automated menu of choices next, the welcome greeting should complement the menu prompts.

The reason why webFones recommends separating the first ring greeting from the menu greeting is that it can provide a more streamlined experience for callers. For instance, if they press # to listen to menu prompts again, the system will simply repeat the prompts instead of starting over from the very beginning with the company greeting.

We recommend that you keep your welcome greeting short, for example: "Thank you for calling ABC company."

Next Action

The Next Action specifies where incoming calls should be routed after the welcome greeting has been played. Here are some of the options:

  • None
  • Voicemail – This option connects the caller directly to the extension’s voicemail, without ringing the phone.
  • Extension – The call is routed directly to the extension where all the USER EXTENSION settings apply. For instance, any simultaneous ring, forwarding or find-me options set up for the extension will be in effect.
  • Forward – This option routes the call directly to an outside number, such as a cell phone. Since the call is released from webFones PBX system to the destination number, additional actions, such as taking a voicemail message must be initiated by the destination system or service.
  • Goto Menu – This option sends the call either to a menu or a menu option. Menus play pre-recorded prompts which enable the user to choose an option. Choosing a menu option will send the caller directly to that menu option, skipping prompts.

Save Phone Number options by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the column.