Menu 'Ring Extensions' Option

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This option provides a way to ring a group of phones simultaneously or sequentially. When the user choses a Ring Extensions option, they hear ringing in the phone as it rings the group of users.

The extension list specifies which extensions are in the group. All simultaneous ring and other routing options specified at the extension level are ignored when calls are directed through a Ring Extensions option. If there is only one extension in your group, you may want to use Extension Transfer instead.

Here are a list of the options for configuring Ring Extensions:

  • Manage List – Select the extensions you want to ring when someone chooses this option.
  • On No Answer – Specify where to send the call if there is no answer.

Ring Extensions Options

  • Intro Greeting – Add an optional greeting that is played before ringing phone extensions—for example: “Please wait while we find a sales representative to help you.”
  • Tone – Change the ring tone.
  • Caller ID Tag – Prepend a tag to the beginning of the Caller ID to identify that the caller came through this menu option.
  • Ring Time – Determine the length of time you want the phones to ring before a call is routed to the Next Action
  • Ring Strategy – Choose Simultaneous or Consecutive, depending on whether you want the all phones to ring at the same time or one after another.
  • Call Pickup Group– Allow users to pick up any extension ringing in a group by dialing *, plus a single digit. Using this feature puts calls that come in on the selected number into the Call Pickup Group specified.

Press Save to save the Menu options.