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The Call Queues option places unanswered calls in a queue and plays music on-hold until calls are answered. Call Queues are different from Extensions in that they play Music on Hold while the user is waiting for someone to pickup the call. They also have a lot more options for ringing phones.

One advantage of using Call Queues is that playing music on hold makes it easier for callers to wait for someone to pickup the phone and they will often wait longer before hanging up. It also has the added benefit of playing marketing information to callers if you have a custom Music on Hold program.

A Call Pickup number allows you to optionally tag calls going through this menu option for a * pickup (*0-*9). All Simultaneous Ring and other options set at the extension level in USER EXTENSIONS are ignored when calls are put into a Call Queue.

Call Queue Member List

  • Manage List – Select the extensions you want to ring when someone chooses this option.
  • On No Answer – Decide where to send the caller if there is no answer.

Call Queue Options

  • Intro Greeting – Add an optional greeting that is played before ringing phone extensions—for example: “Please wait while we find a sales representative to help you.”
  • Ring Tone – Change the ring tone.
  • Caller ID Tag – Prepend a tag to the beginning of the Caller ID to identify that the call passed through the Call Queue
  • Call Pickup Group– Allow users to pick up any extension ringing in a group by dialing *, plus a single digit. Using this feature puts calls that come in through the Call Queue into the Call Pickup Group specified.
  • Ring Strategy – Specify how you want the phones to ring. Options include: Ring All, Round Robin, Round Robin Memory, Least Recent, Fewest Calls and Random
  • Call Queue Ring Time – Specifies the time you want the phones to ring. (Note that 3 rings take about 15 seconds.)
  • Call Queue Delay Time – Set the time that the queue waits before ringing extensions again. (Note that a setting of 45 seconds means that the phones would ring every 45 seconds until the call is answered.)
  • Call Queue Max Wait – Set the maximum time, in minutes, that a call waits in the queue. The default is 10 minutes before it is directed to the next action.

Dynamic Login / Logout of Call Queues

In some cases you may want to give users the option to login to a call queue dynamically. That way they don't have to be receiving calls from the call queue all the time.

For instance, you might setup extension 1000 to be the login extension and 1111 as the logout. When a user wants to be added to a queue, they dial extension 1000 and they are dynamically added to the group. Dialing 1111 in this case would remove them from the group.

  • Call Queue Login Extension – Optionally, specify a unique extension number that, when dialed by the extension user, will automatically make the extension a member of the Call Queue.
  • Call Queue Logout Extension – Optionally, specify a unique extension number that when dialed by the extension user will automatically remove their extension from the Call Queue. (Note, this feature works only when the Call Queue Login option was used to join the Call Queue.)

Press Save to save the Menu options.