The Menus page allows you to create custom call menus for your callers. A menu should present a clear list of options so that a caller can send their call to the appropriate department within your company.

Here is how it works:

  • A call comes in through a phone number. That phone number can ring extensions, play a welcome greeting and then either forward the call directly to a user or send it to a menu defined in this section. Visit the Phone Numbers page for details on hooking up your menus.
  • Each menu plays a set of prompts which you can record yourself and upload or have them professionally done ( Visit the Greetings & Prompts page for details on uploading your sound files.
  • Then the menu waits for input from the caller and can optionally send the caller directly to an option after a period of time.

If you are using your webFones for multiple companies sharing the same phone system, you may also find it useful to create different menus for each company, so that callers are presented with the correctly branded company information.

Call Menu Interface

The Menus page presents a center list with the menu name and all options.

In the right column are numbered square boxes that represent the menu options. Clicking on the boxes will change the menu option selected.

By selecting an action in the Action drop-down menu, you can define the action taken when a caller selects one of the following actions: Ring Extensions, Call Queue, Voice Mail, Goto Menu, Extension Transfer, Informational Message, Directory and Repeat Menu.

Each of the menu options (0-9,# and *) represent a choice which can perform a variety of actions. They are:

Send Caller to Ring Extensions

This option provides a way to ring a group of phones simultaneously or sequentially. When the user choses a Ring Extensions option, they hear ringing in the phone as it rings the group of users.

Documentation for Ring Extensions >>

Send Caller to Call Queue

The Call Queues option places unanswered calls in a queue and plays music on-hold until calls are answered. Call Queues are different from Extensions in that they play Music on Hold while the user is waiting for someone to pickup the call. They also have a lot more options for ringing phones.

One advantage of using Call Queues is that playing music on hold makes it easier for callers to wait for someone to pickup the phone and they will often wait longer before hanging up. It also has the added benefit of playing marketing information to callers if you have a custom Music on Hold program.

Documentation for Call Queues >>

Send Caller to Informational Message

When a caller chooses an Informational Message option, it plays a greeting sound file with information of your choosing, such as office hours or address. Meanwhile, a different option can be chosen, or extension dialed, while the message is playing.

Documentation for Informational Messages >>

Extension Transfer

The Extension Transfer option allows a menu to transfer a call directly to a specific user. This is different from Ring Extensions in that it follows the rules specified in the User Extension for call routing as if the extension was direct dialed.

Documentation for Extension Transfer >>

Send Caller to the Directory

This sends users to the phone system directory. This allows callers to find Users by typing in the letters of the last name.

Repeat the Menu

This simply repeats the prompts for the current menu.

Press Save to save the MENU options.