Lightspeed Client Setup

Within the Lightspeed Client,
Go to the File menu and choose Station Setup

Find the VOIP menu and choose webFones PBX

Enter your Passcode
Your passcode can be found at the webFones manager site

Click Save, and enter the computer’s administration password

Restart the Lightspeed Application

Lightspeed usage notes:

The Passcode is stored on a per computer basis, not per user.
It extension dedicated to one phone is recommended for POS setups.

Making a call from Lightspeed

From within a Customer’s card, the number assigned as the default is available for automatic dialing.

7 digit numbers will be prepended with the default area code as set in your webFone account

Extra text in the field will be ignored, however extra digits such as “ex1” will currently fail
(as of November 2011)