Greetings & Prompts

Use the Greetings page to upload sound files for greetings and prompts. If you are trying to configure your music on hold, you can now do that under the General menu option.

Greetings are the prompts used for menus and other parts of the system. Greetings must be MONO wav files and cannot be greater than 5MB in size.

Uploading a Greeting file

We recommend to either have greetings professionally recorded (Holdcom is a great service: or to use a product called SoundStudio on the Mac. Both of these options are going to give you a good sounding greeting that can be edited and uploaded.

To add a greeting, press the Add Greeting at the top of the middle listing.

Enter a Name for the greeting, prompt or music file you want to create and press the Choose File button to browse for the sound file on your computer.

Open the file you want and then Save the greeting, prompt, or music file.

Recording a new Greeting

An alternative to uploading a sound file is to record it right from the Greeting web page.

To do this, press the "Add Greeting" and select the "Record Greeting" radio button. A flash popup will ask permission to run a program. Select "Allow".

The "Start Recording" will appear. You can use that to record your greeting and save it to your phone system account.

Using your Greeting

Once you have uploaded a greeting you are ready to use it in a variety of places. If this is a menu greeting, go to the menu section, select your menu and choose your greeting from the greeting popup. Make sure to save to make it active. Before testing, be sure to wait 1-2 minutes. That is the time it usually takes to make the change.

Updating a Greeting file

Options under the Upload Greeting tab enable you to change the sound files associated with a greeting, prompt, or music file. Press the Choose New Sound button to select a sound file and upload it to the phone system.