Conference Bridge

Conference Bridge

Your webFones PBX system provides a Conference Bridge for teleconferencing.

Among the features offered are:

  • Caller count announcement when joining a conference
  • Volume control for both the conference and the participant
  • Participant mute/unmute

When directing a caller to a conference bridge you can either transfer them to a conference bridge extension and give them a password to join or provide them with the conference bridge extension and password so they can call in and dial it themselves.

Multiple Conference Bridges can be configured and used simultaneously within a company's phone system. The only restriction is that each conference bridge participant calling from the outside uses up a single simultaneous call.

Create a Conference Bridge

Press the Create a Conference button in the center column to create a new Conference Bridge. Enter a Description for the bridge, a unique Extension for accessing the bridge along with a PIN number. Press Create a Meeting Room.

Change a Conference Bridge

To update a Conference Bridge that has already been created, select the Conference Bridge you want to edit, change the values in the fields to the right and press the Save button.

Using the Conference Bridge

Once participants dial into the Conference Bridge Extension, they can use built-in features for controlling volume and muting.

Volume Menu

The Volume Menu can be activated while a conference is in progress by pressing the * key. The participant can then choose one of the following options from the volume menu:

1 - mute/unmute
4 - Decrease volume of conference with each 4 you press - end with 8
6 - Increase volume of conference with each 6 you press - end with 8
7 - Decrease your volume - end with 8
9 - Increase your volume - end with 8
8 – exit

Notes about Music on Hold

While the music on hold feature is automatically disabled for local extensions participating in a conference, it is still possible for an external caller to disrupt a conference by placing the conference on hold without first muting their phone.

Participants can mute themselves by pressing “*1”. This will keep music on hold from playing.

Exiting a conference

You can exit a conference either by pressing # or by hanging up. The # option makes it easier to exit the conference in order to answer an incoming call.