QoS Networking

Quality of Service

It is important when configuring a WebFones installation that your network is properly prepared and that you have ample bandwidth to support both computer network requirements and phones.

We strongly recommend the user of routers and switches that specifically support QoS for media applications. QoS router settings will keep VoIP traffic moving smoothly through your switch even when load is placed on your bandwidth from other sources. Turning on QoS on your routers will help you avoid "robot voice" or the breaking up of your phone call as your router tries to negotiate between streams of traffic. QoS simply gives time sensitive media first priority.

For smaller networks we recommend the Linksys EA6500 gigabyte router (September 2013) which fully supports media QoS. However, there are many devices and switches on the market that will perform the same function.

If your router has options to prioritize specific ports or streams of traffic, you can use these settings:

  1. 10000-30000 (UDP)
  2. Your phone system port (check your soft-phone settings for the port# that your phone system uses. It does not use the standard 5060)
  3. Your server IP address can also be found under soft-phone settings.

Zywall Router Configuration

  1. Measure your available bandwidth (using [http://www.speedtest.net] or the like )
  2. Enter the UPLOAD speed in the BW MGMT page
  3. Make the WAN interface active, and choose Priority-Based scheduling.
  4. In Class Setup tab, choose Add Sub-Class
  5. The Class name is arbitrary, "SIP" works fine
  6. Enter a bandwidth budget of 90% of your upload speed
  7. Give this class a high number (6) and choose SIP as the service
  8. Set a Destination port range 10000-30000